External Wall Insulation In Exeter and Devon

External Wall Insulation In Exeter & DEVON

Most houses built in the UK before 1930 External wall insulation were constructed with solid brick walls, making them unsuitable for standard cavity wall insulation, there are also properties built after then that may have solid walls. Some properties with cavities may not be suitable for Cavity Wall Insulation, using an External Wall Insulation system can allow these properties to be insulated without causing any problems to the construction.

The application of an external wall insulation system will drastically reduce your home's heat loss as well as improving the exterior of the property, possibly increasing its value as well.

The Process of External Wall Insulation
External Wall Insulation In Exeter and Devon
Why insulate your external walls?

Due to a lack of proper insulation you could be losing up to 35%-45% of your heat through your walls. Not only does installing external wall insulation on your property save you money, it can also substantially transform the look of your home.

External Wall Insulation In Exeter and Devon

Our process starts with a consultation. Based on this assessment we will help you make an informed choice on what solution best meets your needs. Only when you are fully informed and happy will we arrange a suitable date for the work to be carried out.

External Wall Insulation In Exeter and Devon
How is the work carried out?

EWI is cut to into shape. The slabs are then held in place with fixing anchors which are drilled into the existing walls, and then covered with a layer of reinforcing mortar. Finally, a primer layer and a decorative render go on, making the house look as good as new.

Interested or need more information?

Please call today on 07729 241808 / 01404 812136 for help, advice, or to simply arrange a mutually convenient appointment. Alternatively, why not make an initial enquiry by completing our online get in touch form.


If you are looking for external wall insulation services in Exeter and and Devon, then our team are here to give in-depth, completely free consultations and quotes.

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